Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swagbucks for Dummies

I wanted to post everything about Swagbucks earlier, but didn't get chance until now. I am follwing Swagbucks for 6 yrs, OH BOY what a Journey. Got many $5 amazon, $10 CVS gift cards which I encashed for many free stuffs.


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is basically a search engine that give you swag bucks like a award for your regular searching. Once you have enough swagbucks, you can cash out your swagbucks for various prizes such as gift cards and most popular are $5 amazon gift card (450 swagbucks) and $10 CVS gift card for 1249 swagbucks. Other prizes but not limited to are Paypal gift card, Starbucks, and list goes so on. Limit of Swagbucks account is one per household.

How to earn Swagbucks?

To make earning easy, you have to do follwing..rule is simple, more you do, more u earn.

1. Search the web with Swagbucks

For my daily searching needs, I always use swagbucks. To maximize chances, do natural searching ( don't try to search so often like in every 5 minutes)

So, after you made the swagbucks account, go to swagbucks.com

and type anything in search box. View the results in a natural way...read, see results in page 1, 2..so just natural searching...I nornally search with 4-5 times in a day and I get rewarded with swagbucks atleast once or twice.

To make things easy, you can install Swagbucks toolbar in your web browser so you don't have to come to Swagbucks home page everytime. So, Go to Swagbucks.com and Click on Toolbars at the bottom of the list (menu on the left side). Download and install the Toolbar.

2. Swagcodes

There are also other ways to earn extra bucks, and most famous are swag code hunts for free swagbucks. Members of Swagbucks team, our most favorite ThatSwagGuy (TSG), daily gives us Swagcodes for limited time and you can know about Swagcodes from following pages.

1. Facebook Swagbucks Fan page : TSG often gives us clues in Facebook.

2. Twitter : TSG just tweet about Swagcodes.

3. Swagbucks Blog : Here you read everything about Swagbucks, daily posts including Swagcodes hunts.

4. Swagbucks Widget : Here you can know clues about Swagcode hunts, Go to Swagbucks.com and Click on Widget at the middle of the list (menu on the left side). Download and install the Swagcode Widget.Once you install the widget in ur facebook, blog..click "swagcodes" tab in widget to get the clues. I also post notification/clues about Swagcodes hunt. You cant post about active Swagcodes in public forums, or your account will be deactivated.

So, once you know about active Swagcodes, go to swagbucks.com and enter the swagcode in "Swagcode entry" box. See image below to get exact idea.

3. Refer your friends

They also have referral program when you get people to sign up through you. So lets suppose, one of your friend joined swagbucks through you, and get 20 Swagbucks in first search, so both of you will be awarded for 20 Swagbucks. You only win from your referral searches and there is a limit of 1000 Swag Bucks per referral.

4. Many more ways like taking daily polls, taking surveys, performing special tasks are available at the Swgbucks earn section

5. How it works : See this facebook page and this will give u more ways to earn Swagbucks quickly.

So what are you waiting for, If you are not using swagbucks, click the banner below or sign up  here and start searching and saving simultaneously with me.



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